Cheap Home Decor – The Beauty of the Simple Kitchen

Nothing beats a warm, rustic and simple kitchen. You can get this great look on the tightest of budgets, as cheap home decor can be found in many dedicated stores.

If you are looking for a nice, clean and inexpensive scheme, clad the doors in your kitchen and paint them adding new and smart handles to change their feel. Covering up tired old units can be just as effective as replacing them, and it is an awful lot cheaper! Fix lengths of tongue and groove over the old doors and tack them in place with panel pins. The stylish new handles can be screwed in place to add that lovely and homey rustic look.

If you have space in your kitchen open shelves that you can use as much for display as for storage is always a great idea. They break up a run of units and also offer a chance to show off your favorite pieces; a perfect way to inject color and personality into a room. If you are adding really colorful or vibrant kitchen accessories, paint the unit with an off white satin paint to bring your accessories to life. A simple or patterned kitchen curtain would add nicely to the scheme.

It is not absolutely essential to have a splashback behind your sink taps, but it does help prevent water making the wall and is therefore recommended. A lip on the worktop can be extended a little way up the walls, thus protecting the join between the wall and worktop and offering a partial shield from water splashes.

A wooden plate rack is very cheap and would fit perfectly with the wooden unit doors as well as keeping the look natural and organic. White bowls and china with a colorful rim can still look simple and stylish while adding a touch of color. They would also keep the room feeling fresh and up to date as well as unfussy.

Many people believe home decoration is about spending lots of money. But with a little imagination you can go a long way without breaking the bank.

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