Futons and Sofa Beds – Nifty Pieces of Furniture

Looking for the best sofa furniture does not necessarily mean you need to go into the velvet sofa or other expensive sofa section of the furniture store. After all, the best sofa set for one home may not necessarily be the best for another. As always, what is best always depends on what you need.

If you are a practical home owner and would like to maximize your living room area by furnishing it with practical yet beautiful pieces of furniture then some of your best bets would be to go for futon sofas or sofa beds. These two types of dual purpose sofa is very popular among home makers who likes to maximize every inch of space they have. Having convertible sofas like futons and sofa beds is a great way you can do this because with them, you can have seating furniture as well as sleeping furniture at the same time. This means you could use the sofa for seating during the day (or as needed) and as a bed mattress during the night (or as needed).

This is also an ideal contingency plan if you have a house that does not have a spare room for guests who may wish to spend the night at your place. All you need to do is convert the sofa into a bed through a few simple mechanical motions (which is usually accomplished by folding back or “flattening” the back rest of the sofa to assume the bed configuration).

Sofa beds and futons are basically the same but they have a few simple differences. For one futons are based on the Japanese futon mattress used in many traditional (even modern) homes that are not too endowed with a lot of floor space. Futon sofas are designed to fold down to a bed configuration and, like the conventional sofa bed, comes in all sizes as well. You will be able to find single to size queen futon to king futon sofas that should be adequate for every need possible.

Futons and sofa beds are nifty pieces of furniture because they are functional and many of them also come in stylish and trendy designs to satisfy even those who have fashionable tastes.

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