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Is Permanent Makeup The Solution?

Do you have sparse eyebrows? Are you tired of penciling them in again and again? Eyebrow tattoos are a quick rising must have. What are they and do they last? Another name for this procedure is intradermal micropigmentation, and is a great option for those who have no or little eyebrow hair. But it’s not for the faint hearted and demands a good technician. Like any procedure involving tattooing, it will fade, and need the occasional touch ups.

Some permanent makeup techs do not know or understand how to get the look to appear natural. Most common, they do not feather your eyebrow, or use a becoming color. It is important to match the color up to your own natural color.

The art of tattooing involves the artist inserting pigment into the top of dermis with a needle. As it enters into the skin, pigment is released inside the hole. It can cause a stinging sensation or pain. You will definitely experience some swelling and redness. It takes three weeks for the dark color to become permanent so be patient.

Be sure to discuss the pros and cons before you have the procedure. Make sure you go over the shape, length, and thickness before you get in the chair.

In short, permanent makeup can make you feel better about yourself. Wake up with perfect makeup every morning. Anyone who wants the convenience of eyeliner, eyebrows, or lips that won’t smear or rub off then this solution is for you. You will no longer have to reapply lipstick if you so choose. Athletes in particular enjoy permanent makeup because they don’t normally have the time to apply makeup. They enjoy the freedom of waterproof permanent tattooing that does not require re-applying.

So in conclusion getting any type of permanent tattoos requires deep thought and careful budget. Be aware of the risks involved and make a well educated decision. Perhaps speak to some that have had this procedure and see if they have any regrets.

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