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A Guide to Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Corrugated roofing sheets have been a choice product for the roofing needs of many industrial and commercial buildings in the United States for nearly eighty years. By design, they are resistant to bending, weather damage such as hail, moisture in rain and high winds. Because they are easy to maintain and install, this style of roofing is a quick way to protect a building. As a cost efficient alternative to shingles and slate roofing, the rise in popularity of corrugated supply is happening quickly.

There are several popular materials used for corrugated roofing sheets. Galvanized steel is among the most popular because of its durability against the elements and over all strength. Steel roofing is noncorrosive and eliminates the need for tarring and under roofing supplies that are required for shingles.

Plastic corrugated sheets have also become popular in recent years as well. Plastic is certainly resistant to corrosion, having a half-life that will go beyond any living generation. Part of its popularity is tied to the ease of coordinating it to the style of the building it is installed on. You can order it in any color, custom for your exterior. In addition, it has insulation properties that outperform metal sheets. It is also somewhat less expensive.

When you are making the decision which material to purchase consider the benefits of ease in installing steel sheets. With galvanized steel nails and 24” wall stud reinforcements, the entire project (depending on size) can be finished in a day. However, steel is more expensive and does not insulate well. If you choose plastic sheets you will be facing a more in depth process of installation. Nails do not hold well, so screws will have to be used. For plastic sheets the project can take up to a week. But the aforementioned benefits can make it a better, long-term investment.

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