A Power Inverter That’s More Convenient

Whenever you are going on a longer trip, you might need to use your car in order to keep some electronic objects running, things like laptops for an example. But we all know that most of us charge our cell phones by using the cigarette lighter, and nobody should ever believe that that could work for anything bigger. The plug is too small for bigger appliances and the voltage is no bigger than 12v. Just for you to realize how low is that, you should know that in your home, you use about 120 volt AC power. It is still not advisable to even try if somehow an object fits the cigarette lighter, because with a little luck, it just won’t work, but if things go bad, you might get in the situation of starting a fire in your own car.

Avoid all of those problems by purchasing a 12v power inverter. There are two types of power inverters that do the same job, but in different ways and for different objects. A small power inverter is most certainly made for getting its plug into the cigarette lighter. This way, it will be at your disposal for charging your laptop, maybe your cell phone or other devices that don’t require so much power. If you need to use something that uses more electricity, using that same power inverter that goes into the cigarette lighter might not be the best choice. Think about the other type of power inverters, the one that needs to be wired to the electrical system of your car.

The market has news for people who want to buy a new power inverter. This new model is very similar to a cup, even a Starbucks cup, and it provides 120 volts. The 200 watts of electric power is more than enough for any devices you use all the time, such as mp3 players, video cameras and others. The smart design lets people use it easily and it can be held into the cup holder, which is something present in most cars.

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