All You Need To Know About Kitchen Fitters.

The primary responsibility of Kitchen fitters is to remove all appliances and fitted items such as floor tiles and wall tiles before remodeling of the kitchen can start. Before a new item can be fitted, the old one must be removed, the cost of materials and labor constitute the cost of remodeling.

After the removal of appliances and fitted items, kitchen refurbishers can then start planning for the layout of a new kitchen. Remodeling begins with applying plaster to the ceiling and walls if they had been removed during remodeling preparations. During this process, new electrical sockets are installed and rewiring done on old ones. Any painting, tiling of floors and finishing touches are done at this stage.

After the main works on the walls, floor and ceiling are done, the process of fitting can begin. The fitter will follow a predetermined layout to fit the sink, cabinets, taps, worktops and all other kitchen appliances. After all the fitting process id completed, testing is done to make sure everything works properly. The fitter will then clean the kitchen of all the debris and leave the new kitchen in a clean state.

Most Kitchens cost between 1800 dollars and 3000 dollars depending on the amount of labor spent and the size of the kitchen. The cost is inclusive of insurance cover for personnel as well as cost for any extra labor used.

How do you  find Good Kitchen Fitters?

There are two key qualities to look for in a kitchen fitter, thoroughness and professionalism. A good fitter should have a well maintained van, complete sets of tools and a good track record. Before hiring a fitter, make sure they posses a public liability insurance and have proper receipts.  You can ask your neighbors and friends or family members if they know of a company with a good reputation. alternatively,  you can search online for the best kitchen fitters then decide on who to hire.

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