Barclays Offers More Than Just Banking

Sure, you probably know of Barclays as a bank with a wide range of account options. They’ve got personal and business banking, as well as investment banking. But did you know that Barclays offers a lot more? Let’s look at some of the things that they offer that go beyond banking.

Barclays works in a lot of ways to keep your money and your information safe. First, their website gives you plenty of useful information about how to protect yourself from fraud, how to purchase safely online, and what types of fraud to look out for. They have a unique PINsentry system that protects your information, and, as a huge bonus to their customers, they offer some great free internet security software.

They also have services to protect you with Barclays insurance. Through Barclays, you can purchase income insurance, to protect your finances if you lose your job, life insurance, or car insurance. If you are a traveler, you can purchase Barclays online travel insurance to cover you for medical expenses during your trip, trip cancellation, or lost/stolen baggage. Even older travelers who are looking for senior citizen travel insurance can find options to contact them for customized travel insurance plans.

They also give you a lot of options for saving and investing your money, and for planning your future. Their regular savings accounts have a high interest rate, and you can choose from various terms based on the access you need to the account and the frequency with which you want to withdrawal. You can even choose to open an account in different currencies. And Barclays has special accounts for saving for your child’s future.

Barclays offers more than just banking—they offer a single comprehensive place to plan your finances, protect your money, insure yourself and your belongings, and save for your and your family’s future.

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