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Blowouts and Other Tangled Party Favors for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

You child’s birthday party if a special one for her and also a potentially great bonding experience for her with your kids. The theme of Tangled is really one of the better and newer ones going around these days. If you choose to throw Tangled themed birthday party for your daughter, you could do with some fun Tangled party favors for the angels (or devils!) coming to the party.

One of the most funny and enjoyable party favors theme on Tangled is Rapunzel blowouts. It is something that all the children will find interesting and will want to have. I personally make sure that I include blowouts with any theme for birthday parties, because they simply make for a wonderful gift for children with their favorite characters.

Packs of hair elastics are another fun party favor idea which the girls can easily identify with and integrate into their daily lives. They can make themselves up into a Rapunzel and proudly show it off to others. Every preteen girl of course dreams to be a princess to be rescued by Flynn Rider, and what better way than to dress up like one.

Yet another good idea for Tangled party favors is shampoos or conditioners packed in Rapunzel shaped bottles. Which girl wouldn’t want to have long and beautiful hair like Rapunzel’s? You can personalize these for each of the girls by writing their name on it or even sticking small pictures of theirs on the bottle alongside Rapunzel.

Coming up with newer ideas for Tangled favors is really easy if you notice how your own daughter spends her day. your best bet is to include those things in the Tangled goodie bags which kids of your daughter’s age use regularly and hence will always remember your daughter’s birthday.

The newest and probably the last Disney Princess movie was released in November and will surely be a hit with all of the young girls.

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