Selecting the Right DJ Headphones

DJ work is not as simple as it seems. Besides spinning and mixing music, it is also up to the DJ to attract crowds, move them and bring business to the bar, and he has to do all these while charming the entire night club with excellent music. Having to multitask, he should be suitably armed with the best equipment, beginning, of course, with high quality DJ headphones .

Excellent DJ headphones have 5 basic components: the headband, the ear adjustments, the ear cushions, the speakers, and the headphone cord. You will find plenty of lower end DJ headphones that lack a couple of these features, but a serious DJ will make sure that all five parts are there.

Usually resting over the head or hanging around the neck, the headband makes a lot of contact with the DJ. DJs who are very particular about their comfort know that the best DJ headphones have padded headbands. The ear adjustments also cater to a DJ’s comforts, making sure that the speakers are angled to fit them perfectly. Still minding comfort, the ear cushions are definitely a necessity. Without these, DJs wouldn’t last very long with their headphones.

The best DJ headphones also come with speakers with an excellent dynamic range. It is all about the music, of course. DJ headphones must produce superior sound quality letting DJs hear every beat to mix while they are performing.

Finally, the best DJ headphones have long-lasting cords. Anything narrower than a ¼ cord will easily snap with all the activity in the DJ booth. Besides these basic features, many DJs also go for products that fold up. Successful DJs often travel and the best headphones have no trouble withstanding the knocks of travel.

Generally speaking, the best DJ headphones are those that have superb frequency response allowing the DJ to hear every shift and nuance in the music, as well as come with practically every possible feature catering to comfort and durability.

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