Breville BKC700XL Coffee Maker Review – Best Price

Hello all and welcome to this review of the Breville BKC700XL coffee maker. I know that while a lot of you are probably less interested in this machine’s details than you are in simply confirming that it does what it says on the box, I would like to try and address both of those things.

The Breville while being functionally the exact same as the Keurig B70 platinum comes with a few extra little features that make it that little bit more worthy of attention in my opinion. While I won’t be running ahead saying things like this is the best coffee maker money can buy, I will be attempting to register this as one of the best.

The extra features include an ice function, and some storage compartments for the k-cups (saving you the hassle of buying a carousel separately), storage for the reusable filter and measuring scoop. While these are all pretty small in true function and serve as little more than decoration, the biggest thing that I think the Breville machine brings to the table over the Keurig is the noise level of the pump. The Keurig machine really can blast your ears off first thing in the morning, and while I don’t think that 30 seconds with a bit of a noise going off is anything to write home about, not having it there certainly can be a real nice feature.

It may seem a little too expensive, but after you weigh up the cost of buying coffee at the local coffee house, we really can’t be complaining too much. We would most likely be saving the whole cost of the coffee maker in a few months.

So in summary, while I can’t say for certain that this machine is worth the extra cash that you have to spend to get your hands on it, if the racket that Keurig will make doesn’t appeal then this may well be the best choice for you.

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