Breville Panini Duo: A review

What I like about Breville products is that they are in general very high quality. This is the reason that I started to read about the various grills such as the Breville Panini Duo that they produce. In a sense it surprises me that they do not have a really large selection of different appliances to choose from. But after researching their products it is obvious that each one has a specific purpose and therefore having more designs would simply be un-necessary.

In this piece of writing, I want to take a closer look at the different sandwich presses that they produce. But in particular I want to talk about why the Breville BSG520XL is a great little unit for those of us who just want a simple panini maker. Some of the other machines that they make are in a sense more sophisticated. They can be used to grill much more than just hot sandwiches. But if this does not interest you and if all that you want to make are your own lovely panini sandwiches then you will be more than satisfied with the Breville Panini Duo.

What you have to consider is the sort of things that you want to make. Do you require a multi-function grill that can cook meats such as steak as well or do you just want the hot sandwich press functionality? If it is the latter, then you do not really have to spend as much on a fancier machine. This is what I really like about sandwich presses, they are not very expensive at all. This is reasonable because they do not really contain any advanced electronics. They are much simpler electrical devices.

Taking the Breville Panini Duo as an example, all that is required to turn it on is to connect the plug to an electrical outlet. This starts the machine warming up and soon gets it ready to start making your food.

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