Broadcast Faxing And Its Benefits To Various Users

Broadcast faxing is the method in which a fax is sent to multiple recipients at the same time. It is also known as bulk faxing. Big companies and independent firms use broadcast faxing in sending announcements, promotional letters, invoices, newsletters, reminders, and other information to their clients. Broadcast faxing makes use of fax servers, which are software-operated machines that automatically process and store incoming and outgoing faxes. Fax servers convert faxes from digital data to analog or phone line fax signals to be sent to traditional fax machines. They serve as bridges between the Internet Protocol computer network and analog phone network.

There are various companies that rely on broadcast faxing in contacting their clients. The public relations professionals are one of the heavy users of broadcast faxing. They boost their PR promotions by continuously sending stories and ideas to various journalists and publicists. In some companies, the public relations department also utilizes broadcast faxing in contacting their employees during emergency situations. Some hotels make use of broadcast faxing in sending letters about their promos and packages to several travel agents. Real estate agents also contact their clients about available houses and lots for sale through broadcast faxing. In larger real estate firms, regional managers use broadcast faxing in reporting to multiple property managers.

There are also those who send unsolicited advertisements to various companies through broadcast faxing. These unsolicited advertisements are known as “junk faxes”. Junk faxes are strictly prohibited by law. However, with the birth of the Junk Fax Prevention Act of 2005, the companies, who receive junk faxes for the first time, are given options whether to receive them again in the future.

Some companies choose to use broadcast faxing over internet mailing because fax signatures are more reliable than electronic signatures. Internet mails are also prone to disconnections, while broadcast faxing has an automatic redial feature that ensures delivery of faxes.

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