Burning Wood Stoves To Lower Power Bills

If you would like to save on your monthly electric bills during the cold season, heating homes with wood stoves is the way to go. You can also cook on them which make them even more valuable. A wood burning stove is at its best when the fuel, which is wood, is properly dried. Wood that contains too much moisture will cause the wood to smoke and steam and will not produce the desired heat for cooking and heating the home.

It is much easier of a job to regulate a thermostat and use gas or electric driven heaters. The wood burning stove requires constant vigilance in order for it to burn efficiently. Late at night, a hot stove can be stoked to last throughout the night by stoking it with a final load of wood.

Many people use wood stoves in Edinburgh and many folks have firewood for sale there that can be delivered right to the door. It is best when stacked near entrance doors closest to wood stoves. The path of least resistance will keep the tender from being tired of hauling wood from the outdoors.

Wood stoves can be purchased as a standalone unit on cast iron legs or as an insert to a fireplace. Heat can also be circulated by blower fans that are built into the wood burning stove inserts. There are also several designs of multi fuel stoves that can burn both wood and coal.

It is recommended that the homeowner use Anthracite coal, as it is the hardest type of coal and is much more efficient than Bituminous coal, which is a softer type. The softer coal does not burn nearly as hot and will produce slag that can become stuck to the grate that supports it. Wood stoves are definitely worth their weight as long as the homeowner sticks with the winter chore of keeping the fire stoked.

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