Clark forklift safety operations tips

To avoid the risk of accidents occurring in your warehouse, make sure that you follow important standard operating procedures. Many accidents happen when forklift truck operators deviate from standard procedure, or if they are not paying attention. Here are some tips which you can use to help you maintain a safe working environment.

Turn off your diesel motor, before you start to refuel your machine.  After you’re done adding fuel to your Clark diesel forklift, always check to make sure you do not actually still any diesel onto the machine area. If you actually still diesel fuel, make sure you wipe it away and wait until the extra diesel fuel has evaporated. Before you drive away, make sure that the gas cap is tight. If you accidentally lose the cap for your forklift truck, you can purchase Clark forklift parts online.

If you have a liquid propane gas Clark forklift, make sure you’re wearing proper safety gear if you need to change LPG tanks. Proper safety gear includes protective goggles, long sleeves, and gloves.

If you own a electric Clark forklift truck, make sure you establish a safe and designated charging area. This area needs adequate ventilation in order to disperse dangerous fumes such as hydrogen from the battery recharging process. Never allow your employees to smoke near forklift charging stations.

In order to reduce the chance of accidents occurring when you’re transporting loads here are some additional tips. Make sure you are aware of all existing traffic patterns so that you can avoid other forklift trucks. Operate your vehicle at slower speeds, whenever you’re entering pedestrian areas with your forklift truck. If you are operating your forklift truck in an environment, need to make sure you are maintaining situational awareness at all times. Make sure that you lower the forklift forks, to help reduce chances of having your Clark forklift truck rollover.

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