Cork Board Tiles – A Cardboard Sheet made of Granulated Cork

Cork board tiles are cardboard made of granulated cork tiles that can be fixed jointly or separately to create a bulletin or vision board. These can be easily placed on walls, doors, ceilings or any other surface. Besides, the cork tiles can also be used for insulation or sound proofing purposes. It is available in a range of colors, shapes and also comes with different surfaces. As the board allows hanging papers, pictures, do it notes, bills, calendars in an organized and systematic manner, thus, these board panels are becoming a necessity in both homes and offices.

Popular Models:

Dark cork tiles from Board Dudes are a popular type. These versatile tiles make a perfect durable bulletin board. The board can be ideally used in an office, bedroom, garage, etc. In addition, the tiles can be used for craft or hobby activities too. The other widely used is Quartet self stick cork board panels which are sold in a pack of four. These panels hold the capacity to absorb and lessen sound when used in a louder classroom or office. It is available in natural and dark color shades.

Another type is the cork tiles and rolls introduced by OfficeMax. These are quite flexible and functional in use. The natural color cork tiles are applicable for use in homes, offices or other art applications. Boone’s decorative high grade cork tiles enables to create bulletin boards in any size. These decorative looking boards give a visual treat when pinned on the walls of an office or home. The tiles made of self healing cork can be perfectly mounted with the aid of a strong double sided tape.

Similarly, there are cork board sheets that are multifunctional in use. It is used for flooring, decorative purposes and may also to set up as notice boards in home or other commercial areas. These are hypo allergenic sheets and can be used in a kid’s room as protective coverings on the walls and thereby avoid serious injuries. Besides, the cork sheets hold properties to prevent the growth of mold and mildew in areas with excessive moisture. It can thus be regarded that it would be ideal to purchase high quality cork tiles and sheets that are long lasting and handy to use.

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