Difficulties That Affect Boise Car Dealerships

Boise car dealerships face many of the difficulties that most dealerships across the world face. Having been to car dealerships across the country I can make a few good guesses on what those might be. Let’s discuss some of the issues that Boise car dealerships face as well as dealerships across the country.

1 – Following Up I have never worked in any actual Boise auto dealers, but I can guarantee that management finds their salesmen have a strong weak spot when it comes to following up with customers. This is found at every dealership in the world. The reason is multi-faceted but boils down to the fact that following up with people isn’t very enjoyable. You have to make phone calls, leave a lot of messages, and talk to a lot of random people. It also demands that you are organized and the personality that sells cars is not generally the same as the one that stays organized.

2 – Transparency While saying that car salesman are all scumbags and cheats is entirely wrong, they still will try to cover their backs like anyone else. Now and again this may actually translate into deceit and the such. While having ‘transparency’ within a dealership may have something to do with deception the main thing it has to do with is accountability. Being able to know a specific salesman is doing his job and doing it well encourages you to keep him. If you can see that the salesman doesn’t really seem so sold on his job then you know to bring someone in that will be.

3 – Length of a Sale This can be interpreted a couple ways but the way I am talking about is in regards to the final event. The moment between the person saying, “I’m sold,” and then actually leaving the dealership. Average times for this process is around 4 hours and up and it is one of the top complaints among buyers. Of course no one wants these sales to last longer than they need to and there are some ways to get around this.

So the bad news is that all of these things can be difficult to completely fix but the good news is you can fix a large part of them. First thing that should be done is get a CRM (Customer Resource Management) system installed. There are a lot of different companies doing this but you’ll want to make sure to get one of the good ones. A good CRM will do more than simply give you a system and leave, they’ll support it and support you in using it. From moment one the first and second issue I listed can be resolved with a CRM.

While CRMs are in a real way somewhat akin to a big-brother system they are like a nice big-brother system. Well, at least they are only as mean as the people using them. A good CRM will let you see in real time what is happening in the dealership and who it is happening with. This quickly lets you see metrics and practices that make the big differences in the day-to-day operations. The third issue I listed is also addressed by a CRM system but often not as effectively. Some CRMs will help in the desking process and as well as the last sales pitch.

If done right the CRM will also help everyone know what is happening and ideally be ready so everything can happen quickly. So, when it comes down to a lot of the difficulties in running a dealership happen in the operations. Of course other things can be just as difficult but if you running a Boise auto mall and don’t have a top end CRM to help you out I’d recommend considering some.

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