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Eating Fish for Fish Oil

Fish oil benefits are numerous. This is the reason why various types of supplements are continuously being introduced that contains fish oil. But, the best source of any type of supplement is still its natural source. In the case of fish oil, it is still best obtained from eating fish.

The best fishes to extract the oil from are tuna, salmon and mackerel. These types of fish are available throughout the year. They are also sold everywhere from wet markets to grocery stores. Thus, it is not difficult to regularly include them in one’s meals. A precautionary measure in buying these fish is to find out its source. Fish are prone to mercury especially when the water from where it came from is polluted. Although mercury cannot be completely prevented when eating fish, it can be minimized by choosing fish from a less polluted source.

The only challenge with eating fish is that some people do not really prefer and like it. However, fish can be prepared creatively so that it fits an individual’s taste. For example, fish can be cubed, chunked and flaked to make it smaller. By doing this, the size of the fish becomes smaller and its taste will not be easily distinguished. This can then be added to salad or pasta. Since pasta can absorb oil from fish, these two combine well together. It is even better with tomato-sauce and a hint of lemon flavor. Fish can also be made into a patty to be served as a burger. A fish patty can achieve the same taste as a beef patty but with a healthier twist.

Eating fish to obtain fish oil is very beneficial to the body. Some of the known fish oil benefits include minimizing the risk, preventing and treating heart disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, dementia and obesity. Fish oil is one of the highly recognized nutritional content of fishes. This reason alone is enough to consider eating fish regularly.

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