Employment background screening for legal interns

It may not seem common, but with the popularity created by background check agencies, the possibility of a law firm double-checking your resume through employment background screening is possible. If you are an aspiring law student, then you must take serious consideration when creating your resume for legal internship. Contact information, professional objectives, achievements, and experience should be well-written and thought of when making a resume. Especially when you include the references, the names you put there may either make or break you when a firm decides to hire the services of a background check agency.

Legal interns work on complex projects. It may involve domestic and international environmental law. Legal interns can be exposed to such subjects such as wetlands and watershed policies, sustainable land use, biodiversity, environmental enforcement, long-term management of hazardous waste sites, public participation, and international environmental policy. Legal interns also do a lot research. At any point, they will be asked to conduct legal researches. Policy researches may also be required from time to time. For exposures to real legal cases, they may be asked to hold interviews and write materials for publication.

Having said these, the necessity of hiring a trustworthy individual for this position is high. A firm cannot just hire someone solely for the reputable university an applicant belongs to. There are many other factors. Whenever agents were able to get a positive background on you, employers will proceed knowing more about you face-to-face. Some legal intern interview questions can be about telling something about yourself, where you heard about the firm and why you want to work there, some instances when you were able to meet a deadline, and how you handle a criticism.

Be able to confidently sell yourself. Express the skills that you possess which will benefit the company whenever you are asked why they should hire you. Set specific examples, don’t rely on adjectives.

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