Enjoy Smooth Writing With A Fountain Pen

Anyone who appreciates using a pen that not only writes smoothly but looks very smooth too will take delight in using a fountain pen. It may be considered a little old-fashioned or you may even be classed as unusual but this shouldn’t alter the fact that you are keen to use a pen that will provide a reliable and consistent ink flow. There are many pen makers to choose from and you can rely on them to deliver each time you put pen to paper. The consistency aspect is where ballpoint pens sometimes fall down.

The fact is that fountain pens have not been bought for everyday use for quite some time thanks to the dominance of ballpoint pens and disposable plastic pens. This has shown signs of turning around a little just lately with interest being shown, not only in newly released fountain pens, but also in vintage pens as well. Smaller pen companies have benefitted with more interest in some of the lesser known makers meaning that pens such as Aurora fountain pens and Bexley fountain pens getting the recognition they deserve.

The industry as a whole is starting to come to life and the long time collectors and fans of the fountain pen are starting to find that their niche hobby is becoming a more thriving marketplace. Fountain pen collecting has always been an appreciation of the construction and sleek design of the pens. But it is also an appreciation of being able to use them in their everyday work.

There is no denying that fountain pens look impressive and the nib has a lot to do with that overall impression. Even more important, though, is the way they write. A top quality nib will be immediately noticeable by the glide that you get when you move the pen across the page. A pen of lesser quality might have a slightly scratchy feel to them which can sometimes be fixed over time by continued use.

Your fountain pen should be a pen you will have forever. They are refillable and this means that just because they run out of ink doesn’t mean the pen has to be replaced.

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