Free tools to help with buy to let mortgages

For anybody out there who is thinking of going into the buy to let property scene there is a tool online that may be of use to you, it is called a buy to let mortgage calculator and they can be found at many websites. Although these tools are very useful and informative to give you some ballpark figures it is worth stating that the companies who supply them are hoping you will go on to work with them when you go on to actually get a mortgage. Just because you get a good figure back from their free buy to let mortgage calculator do not go ahead and sign up with them without first shopping around to see where you can get the best quotes.
Another thing to take into account is that buy to let mortgage calculators do not take as many factors into account as your mortgage provider will. A mortgage calculator cannot usually for example factor in your personal income, the location of the property, your credit rating, upkeep and repairs that may need to be made and other things like this.
A very simple buy to let mortgage calculator can be found at the website, after you have put the figures of your initial deposit amount in to the calculator along with the actual value of the property it will give you a rough estimate on the figure which you can expect to pay back to your mortgage provider each month.
Although there are several very simple buy to let mortgage calculators like this to be found I prefer to use one that allows you to make comparisons over different timescales and with information on how much you will repay if you vary your initial deposit amount. Just such a buy to let calculator can be found at, you will need to enter slightly more details to get back results but it is worth it to see comparisons side by side.

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