Frigidaire Refrigerators And Freezers – Selecting The Frigidaire Professional Series Duo

Frigidaire refrigerators, part of the Electrolux group, produce a large selection of refrigerators and freezers aimed at the consumer market. More likely than not you or one of your neighbors has owned a Frigidaire fridge freezer at some time in the past.

Today’s selection of Frigidaire refrigerator units includes the very popular Frigidaire Professional Series Duo. This particular model comes in the American-style side-by-side refrigerator freezer design, but this is not side-by-side fridge.

A great feature of this model is that it is a counter depth fridge freezer. For those who are not familiar with counter depth refrigerators, these appliances are designed in a manner so the front of the unit does not protrude out past the front of the kitchens cabinets.

This is very stylistically pleasing, as it looks better as it is does not interrupt the flow of the kitchens lines. Another benefit of this type of refrigerator is that it leaves the traffic areas of your kitchen free, allowing for people to easily move around the room.

The doors of the Frigidaire Professional Series Duo are stainless steel, and also come with matching stainless steel door handles area an optional accessory a trim kits that can make the entire front of the refrigerator to be finished to provide a very upmarket look.

Surprisingly, this particular example of Frigidaire refrigerator has very generous capacity. Many counter depth refrigerators are rather limited space, as the depth of the units is usually somewhat constrained. The Frigidaire Professional Series Duo manages to work within the dimensional constraints and still provide ample storage for most families.

Looking beyond the external features, this particular refrigerator also has some great options internally. Cantilevered shelving units are featured in both the fridge and freezer unit and these will ensure the contents stay safely in place when the door is slammed.

Even if the Frigidaire Professional Series Duo does not seem like your cup of tea, Frigidaire refrigerators offer many other great selections for you to choose from. Whatever your needs – fridges or freezers – they have you covered with a wide variety of options.

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