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Garmin Nuvi 465T – What It Can Offer

The Garmin nuvi 465T is equipped with a solid state built-in memory and accepts SD data cards for its memory storage with its 4-hour battery life and 173.93-gram weight. This particular device provides you with a much more convenient and a much safer travel since it carries routing options and breakdown directory of areas, such as the United States and Canada, from the National Truck and Trailer Services. Its 4.3-inch, high resolution touchscreen display monitor further enables you to operate it with great ease. It is GPS-enabled and specially designed for trucks on the road. Furthermore, you can use it with great efficiency since it provides its function with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and Bluetooth Wireless Technology.

The nuvi 465T carries an internal speaker which allows it to provide you voice prompts and audible street names while you travel. In addition to that, hands-free calling is also made possible by connecting your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to the device. Avoiding truck-related restrictions can also be done, since it has a specialized routing feature. This GPS car tracking system further allows you to experience a more comfortable trip since you can create custom vehicle profiles that are more suitable to the vehicle that you are using. Its multi-point routing feature allows you to avoid various stops during your trip and further enables you to reach your destination within the shortest possible time. The nuvi 465T is also capable of sending you alerts of upcoming road conditions. This allows you to avoid potential hazards and experience a much convenient travel.

In addition to those features mentioned above, its integrated FM traffic receiver makes it capable of providing you traffic delay alerts and road construction alerts when you travel. Off road routes and routes with a faster travel time or a shorter travel distance are also provided by this particular device to let you have a more convenient journey. Avoiding toll gates and having travelling routes other than the highway can also be done through its route avoidance feature. Moreover, a much safer journey can be achieved since it is capable of flashing a particular area’s speed limit while you are driving your truck. Its lane assist feature further guides you in navigating the road, allowing you to be guided more consequently. With this particular brand model, you can travel on the most direct routes since it automatically sorts the multiple destinations that you entered, saving you from doing manual calculations.

It is also equipped with Garmin Lock which enables you to have a reliable anti-theft security feature. Furthermore, you can use the nuvi 465T with Mac OS X 10.4 (or later versions) and Windows 2000 (or later versions). Traveling with the Garmin nuvi 465T allows you to have a more convenient and more secured journey. It is one of those devices of its kind which carry immense reliability and highly useful features.

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