Mercedes V230 Seven Seater Car


If there is one symbol recognized all over the world carrying prestige, as one of finest automobiles ever made, it is the three pointed star in a circle, of Mercedes Benz. This century old German automobile maker has been coming out with one stunning brand after other and it has significant presence in seven seater luxury car segment. Mercedes V230 seven seater is one such car that needs a closer look for those intending to procure a seven seater luxury SUV.

This model of Mercedes 7 seater, belonging to V series, designed to serve as multipurpose, strangely was not considered to be up to mark expected of Mercedes class, but slowly its virtues were recognized as a big multi-utility 7 seater for family and even to transport large loads with the reliability and safety features expected of Mercedes.


Even the entry level models of seven seater V230 have electronic traction, remote locking, electronically operated front doors and power steering. Advanced models offer special features like under seat safe, leather upholstery, and fridge and power sockets for PC or mobile. Road grip and maneuverability of this is excellent and offers a smooth ride.


V230 seven seater is offered with a powerful engine of 105 KW at engine rpm of 5000 rpm. With minimum turning at 5.8 m coupled with adequate engine power its performance as heavy duty 7 passenger vehicle is impressive. Even the braking systems seem to be inadequate for the kind of speeds this Mercedes 7 seater can attain!

Pros and Cons

The medium price and availability of spares due to compatibility with other models is a good attraction for these 7 seater cars. You always have the assurance of the performance you can always expect from a Mercedes. On the flip side one wishes Mercedes would have remote for rear door control. The gear box of this 7 seater car is not that effi9cient and other minor complaint about the paint durability.

Overall, this Mercedes 7 seater is a good choice for passenger luxury car, for those looking for good space that even could be used for commercial purposes and the quality expected of Mercedes.

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