How Long Can the Effect of Botox Injections Last

Botox injections may have been derived from bacteria but for so many years it has been benefiting people as it can be a treatment to so many medical problems. And recently it has also being used to eliminate the face with the telltale signs of aging by improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. More than being a safe alternative to face lift, it is also less expensive compared to those cosmetic surgery costs. Botox prices may be cheaper but the procedure is just temporary and not permanent like the surgical procedures.

The Food and Drug Administration which approved the use of Botox after so many tests estimates that the effect of a Botox injection may last up to three (3) months. However, it may be shorter or longer depending on the body part that was treated. The size of the muscles and the locations of it can affect its longevity. In some reports, six (6) months was the maximum time where Botox effects can last.

The thickness of the muscles will also affect it. The thinner the muscles, the longer it will experience the temporary paralyzing effects. It also says that the number of times the area has been treated can also have a say as to how long the effect will last. Botox injections cost will increase when the repetitions has to be done in shorter intervals or if the patient will need to have higher doses.

Some say that a patient may be able to prolong the effect of the Botox injections if he or she has able to prevent from touching the areas that were treated. This because by constantly touching the area or areas that was treated particularly right after the injection process, the toxin will spread to other parts instead of being just concentrated in the area where it was injected.

So it is best that keep your hands off of that body part that was treated and just let the Botox work its magic. In this way, you will be able to see better results and better worth for your money since you were able to extend its effects on you.

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