How to Remove Black Mold in Your Bathroom

Black Mold is a toxic form of fungus that is found in dark and damp places where it will be left undisturbed. People are exposed to the hazardous effects of black mold by breathing it in, skin contact, and accidental ingestion. Finding and eliminating black mold is an important step in preventing serious health problems now and later in life. Black mold is most often found in bathrooms and if not effectively treated will spread to other areas of your home. Below you will find a basic know-how of defeating black mold in your bathroom:

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Where to look for black mold in your bathroom?

Black mold is most commonly found on porous surfaces such as; drywall, in between wall cavities and baseboards. You will also find black mold on tiles and under the sink. Black mold will spread and infect any object in site. It is important to eliminate it the first time. If you do not fully remove black mold it will come back. Be sure to check all surfaces!

What causes black mold in bathrooms?

Black mold is caused by a build up of moisture in an area that doesn’t have sufficient air flow to dry completely. A busted pipe that is left unknown, the absence of an exhaust fan or window, lack of cleaning before and after bathroom use are also culprits to this highly toxic fungus.

How to remove bathroom mold?

Sometimes even taking the right precautions doesn’t always result in complete annihilation of mold and to remove black mold at this point can be troublesome. A further investigation of your bathroom should be in order. Completely cleaning black mold under the sink and on tiles is often looked over due to the belief mold only dwells on porous surfaces.

Every inch of your bathroom, including black mold under the sink and on tiles, should be scrubbed with a mold eliminator. While there are many black mold products on the market today you may find common household cleaners (such as bleach) to be equally effective. It is important to also wear protective gear if you decide to eliminate mold from your home. You should wear protective eyewear as well as gloves and depending on how bad the mold is some experts agree that face masks and full suits should be worn as well!

Black mold is a highly toxic mold that should be removed from any place where people or animals will be present on a regular basis. Knowing when to spot black mold and taking the right precautions to stop it from growing in your bathroom is a big step in its prevention.

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