Is Power Washer Soap Necessary?

For many people in the power washing business, each contractor has a preferred method of cleaning buildings and sidewalks. Whether it is using a preferred manufacturer of power washing equipment, performing a pre-treatment routine or if using a certain type of cleaning products, all are effective in their own right. With respect to cleaning solutions, a lot of power washing professionals choose to clean with a product that best reflects the climatic conditions of the area. In mildew prone areas, a bleach and solution mixture is a preferred cleaner while in other less humid regions, power washer soap is a more common choice.

Even if a bleach solution is used for deep cleaning power washes, many people still choose to have in-between maintenance performed. When this occurs, instead of using a harsh bleach-based cleaning agent, a more mild power washer soap may be a better choice. While the decision is up to the individual contractor, homeowners should be advised of their options and be allowed to choose the best product, a bleach-based or non-bleach based detergent solution that suits their individual needs.

There are times when no power washer soap is feasible. If interested in performing more of a preparation task, such as power washing away chipped and peeling paint before sanding an area, it really does not matter if the area is thoroughly cleaned, since the paint will be removed anyway. What matters the most is that the area is fully-sanded and thoroughly dried before the rotted or damaged wood is replaced. Once that has been completed, the pre-painting process can begin.

If in doubt as to which type of power wash soap or cleaning solution should be used, be sure to consult a professional, like a power washing business, to arrange for a consultation and power washing estimate.

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