Learn About The Master Key Safe

The best way to assure that the various keys inside your home are safe and secure when you are using them is to purchase a master key safe which is a lockable box that is usually attached to an outside wall of the house in an isolated location. This box is designed to keep all of your keys in a certain location to prevent loss. The security of your home is of prime importance and every precaution you can take is a good one. The problem is that many people, especially the kids, will lose or forget their keys and have to either wait until someone gets home, sometimes in bad weather, or have to resort to the old key under the doormat or rock. The fact that most burglars, even teenagers, know about all these places and if you live in a neighborhood it’s a good chance that all your neighbors have seen you go to the place you keep your spare house keys.

But if you get a master key box, where is the best place to put it. The good thing about a master key safe is that it really does not matter where you put it. The whole purpose of the safe is to have a location for storing your keys outside the house that is will cause a potential thief a great deal of trouble and make a lot of noise. A master key box can be broken into but not quietly. Most installers however will conceal the key box at the side or rear of the house, usually near some bushes and the boxes are designed to look exactly like meter boxes.

Unless you are installing your safe in a place that will require a lot of remodeling, such as tearing a hole in a back slab, you will have no trouble installing it yourself. The box should be secured very firmly. Most installers will use one way bolts so the box cannot be removed without cutting and this will make a lot of noise.

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