Looking Out For Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol overdose in its highest form is called acute alcohol poisoning. The main culprit for poisoning is not alcoholism in particular, but binge drinking. This means that even if the person is not an alcoholic but drank a huge of volume of alcohol in one sitting, this individual can be poisoned. Signs of alcohol poisoning are like alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which happen during the detoxification of alcoholics.

The body cannot function properly when there is too much BAC or blood alcohol concentration. This effect can also trigger other undesirable results such as irregular heartbeats and choking. There are other alcohol poisoning symptoms that can surface indicating that the body is being poisoned. Some of them are extreme disorientation, paleness and body temperature drop.

In severe situations, the heart may stop to beat or the person, who fell unconscious, will choke on his own vomit. Unfortunately, some people still use the traditional remedies for these symptoms. Some of these remedies are drinking black coffee and letting them to sleep. If victims of poisoning are allowed to doze off, they are at higher risk of dying on the spot.

To fight poisoning from happening, there are two important components, education and responsibility. People especially the young population should take the responsibility of drinking in moderation to avoid poisoning. Another component is education, everybody should be aware of the different poisoning symptoms that can transpire. It is highly advisable to call a medical emergency team if someone notices victims of alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol can cause stomach irritation, which in turn lead to excessive vomiting. Individuals affected by poisoning will have the tendency to have suspended gag reflex. When this happens, the victim can easily choke while vomiting. Even if the victim who has drunk a lot of alcohol, stops drinking, his blood alcohol concentration may still increase because the digestive system are still in the process of distributing the alcohol to the bloodstream. This means that there is no specific time that poisoning can occur. It can transpire after a couple of minutes of alcohol drinking.

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