Lose weight fast when you are tight on time

Is it really possible to lose 11 pounds in 10 days? Well, yes! But it is not easy and it is not very healthy. You must be very careful with your health when it comes to weight loss solutions that can help you lose weight fast.

Generally, a healthy diet will help you lose about 2 pounds a week. Many people want to lose weight much faster and much more. Maybe they will get married soon, or will have to go to an important event and want to look better.

Here’s how you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days:

Liquids only diets for fast weight loss when needed

Choose to follow a lemonade diet or a Hollywood diet. Follow the instructions strictly and you get to lose weight quickly. With these diets, you will completely give up eating solid food and a major disadvantage of these diets is that although you lose weight quickly you can easily put it back.

Reduce the number of calories to fit in that dress fast

If the diet above seems impossible, another method by which you can get rid of extra pounds quickly is to drastically decrease the number of calories you consume daily. So, if to keep your current weight you eat about 1500 calories, reducing their number to 1000 will lead to some massive weight loss.

You must be very careful about the foods you eat and do not forget to take a multivitamin supplement. Although it seems less drastic than the ones above, you will see that your body will be pretty weak if you sharply reduce the number of calories, but you will lose weight in a short time. More weight loss diets at www.shedyourweight.com

Warning! Any method you choose, remember that such regimes are quite dangerous for your health. The best advice: consult a nutritionist if you really want to lose weight quickly.

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