Multi-functional Bike Storage Solutions

One of the healthiest and most popular types of exercise is cycling.  Storing a bike when the ride is over can often become a problem.  Parking a bike with the use of the attached kickstand takes a lot of room and makes leaves it venerable to being knocked over. This can cause injury to people and damage the bike.  Persons lucky enough to own a bike shed are able to store the bike in an out of the way place.  In addition, there is room to store accessories too.  Unfortunately, few individuals have this type of access to bike storage.

The wall mounted bike storage rack offers a great way that stops bike from being knocked over.  This device helps to free floor space that can be used for other storage needs.  The best racks offer multi-functional bike storage.   A lightweight rack that can be used for maintenance and is portable sells for about $50.

This particular system is made of two units that can be used separately.  One is a bike stand that works well for maintenance, allowing free spinning wheels.  It offers a safe place to park when the bike is away from home.

An other excellent multi-functional system sells for only $30.  It is not wall mounted but is portable and offers great bike stability.  When space is too limited for the wall rack, it makes a great choice.  The clamps secure the bike in place for both storage and maintenance.  It offers great access to the wheels for tire repairs.

The multi-functional bike storage devices are an excellent choice for both storage and maintenance.  They help to save space and protect a bike from the damage of being knocked over.  The small investment in a system is certainly worth the protection that is offered to an expensive bike.

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