Obese and Over 40? Lose Weight Intelligently.

Why do some individuals remain thin regardless of the foods they eat?
Have you ever envied people who seem to have the ability to eat almost anything, but they never seem to gain weight. These people could spend the whole day, every day inside McDonald’s eating only junk but the still would not gain even an inch. These people can eat a lot of ice cream, many bags of potato chips but they do not gain an ounce. This is not fair!

You may have come across information that tells of how factors like your genes influence your body size and how fast or slow your metabolism is. If your metabolism rate has always been slow then you will have a tendency to gain weight than the individual who can endlessly eat from McDonald’s. This is because their rate of metabolism is more efficient than your rate of metabolism. To top it all, this gets worse as you age and more people above the age of 40, especially women and affected by this.

Why particularly women? The body fat in men is less than in women and men have more muscle mass, so their rate of metabolism is faster since muscle burn calories quicker. Other factors other than gender and age also have an impact, including the ratio of muscle to fat, and whether your hormones are working in an efficient manner. In the end, it seems as though the individuals who can eat whatever they want without worrying about gaining weight, have a more efficient rate of metabolism and are thus able to burn all the calories they eat. So what are these people doing that you are not, and what must you do to quicken your metabolic rate?

Your brain is in charge!

Your brain is in control of the hormones with burn fat and it releases these hormones after every meal you take. There are two varieties of hormones which are released into your bloodstream each time you eat and these hormones control the storage and burning of fat. The kind of food that you eat will either increase your weight or make you thin. Although doing exercises helps, and your body will become toned, you do not become fat because of insufficient exercise. You become fat because you are not eating the right kinds of foods and furthermore, you are eating them at the incorrect time of the day.

What kind of food and what time to eat it?

Your body is like a machine and it requires nourishment each day but at intervals which are regular. Do not starve yourself or deny yourself food for if you do this, your metabolism will go to survival mode by burning less calories and storing the rest of the calories for emergencies. You do not need to work out a lot to lose weight. All you need to do is eat the correct foods at the correct times!

You need to shock your metabolism by completely changing how you eat. It can be very easy, just read a fit over 40 review and you will discover that other users are confident that over 40 weight loss is possible.

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