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Ordinary Girls Can Look Like Mermaids

Ordinary girls can look like mermaids, with the use of a special costume that is purchased online in a store that specializes in mermaid tails, such as AquaTails. A mermaid tail for swimming can be found in a variety of fabrics and colors. The mermaid swim tail is a long piece of fabric that begins just below the waist and flows past the feet. It is made of a fabric that gives and stretches with movement and is typically matched or coordinated with a suitable swim top.

Many girls are getting in on the craze and enjoying hanging out at the beach, pool or swimming in their new life-like costumes. This water wear will make a great gift for the little or big girl who has mastered water skills or who simply wants a new, imaginative look. For young girls, the simplest version comes in a nylon spandex material and is easily adorned with an elastic or drawstring waist. The mermaid tails slip right over one’s swimsuit.

For a wide range available products, check out There are products for every age group in various price ranges. The most basic costumes range from around $60 to just under $200. One model is available for play and can be hiked up like a skirt. The cut or shape of the fluke, or tail fin, can be slightly different from one model to the next. Often, a bit of fringe or sheer material is added at the end, to create a nice flow in the water.

Older girls take their interest very seriously and choose some interesting fabrics with sparkles, glitter and other features. They typically choose colors in green and blue shades, that mimic the colors often found in the sea. A mermaid tail you can swim in should be comfortable, regardless of whether it is worn in or out of the water.

In the intermediate price range are designs suitable for older girls and women. They include the Angel, Sparkle-Tip and Flair tails. The sparkle is made with a very shimmery fabric incorporated into the end of the piece. The sheer fabric at the end of the Flair Tail looks like jellyfish in the way it flows in the water.

For girls who are serious about their hobby, at the highest quality level are some very special costumes made of neoprene. They fit and work similar to a wet suit and will even help maintain body warmth. One model is zipped up the back and comes with a matching black top. The fabric is black neoprene with a diamond pattern that looks and feels like fish scales. Prices for the advanced costumes range from around $500 to $600. Men can even wear some of the models, such as the black neoprene or the angel tail.

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