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Paint Your Wood Chip Table White

When you’re working with kitchen tables, you’ve probably noticed that they all are made out of a lot of different things. There are tables that are made out of wood, and within that category, there are kitchen tables made out of a lot of different kinds of wood. There are oak tables, mahogany tables, pine wood tables, cherry wood tables, and dozens of other types of wood that make great tables. There are also a lot of tables that are made out of wood chip board, which is little bits of wood, from the size of sawdust to chips that are actually the size of potato chips or larger, that have been soaked in glue and then compressed to make chip boards. Generally, a solid wood kitchen table will be more expensive than a wood chip board table.

A wood chip board table will be decorated in a way that is either designed to minimize the appearance of it being made out of wood chips, or it will be cheaply decorated with a piece of carefully treated paper that has a printed pattern on it. Often, that pattern is a pattern of fake wood, but sometimes the patterns are of other things. This is done to keep people who aren’t looking too closely at the table to realize it’s a wood chip board table. In many ways, this doesn’t work very well. The best option that you have is to, instead of covering it with fake wood pattern, cover it with something completely unrelated.

Paint it white. A wood chip board that is painted white will not look like a chip board if done properly, it will look like a wooden table that has been properly painted white and then varnished. People won’t think ‘hey, a wooden table’, they’ll think ‘hey, a white table’. White works better than most other colors because when it comes to tables in the kitchen, white is a staple color, while everything else looks like it’s being used to hide something. White looks intentional.

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