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Snorkel Gear – An Examination Of The Snorkel Set

The exciting and relaxing sport of snorkeling is something I first discovered more than 10 years ago.  Even though so many years have passed, I never get tired of jumping in the water and donning my snorkel set.  Since the sport involves floating on top of the water, it is very relaxing.  At the same time, I get to peer down into the depths below to see a world that few people ever get to see.  Because of this, it is very exciting.  The truly good news about snorkeling is that it is very easy to do; no special training is needed.  And not only that, but the only equipment you need is a simple and affordable snorkel set.  Snorkel sets are made up of three different water sports accessories that include a dive mask, snorkel, and swim fins.

Even though most snorkel sets are very affordable, you should be very serious when shopping for one to make sure you get one with the features and fit you are looking for.  The dive mask, especially, is something you want to carefully examine to make sure it will form a water tight seal on your face.  The good news is that there is a very simple test you can implement in the store to check for such a seal.  You simply hold the mask you are interested in up to your face and inhale slightly through your nose.  If the mask fits your face, it should form a seal that holds the mask in place when you let go.

The second part of a typical snorkel set is the snorkel itself.  The snorkel is a very simple device and is really little more than a bent piece of plastic tubing.  The only thing you really need to be on the lookout for is the material used to make the mouthpiece.  Avoid mouthpieces made from PVC since that material can irritate some people’s skin.  A mouthpiece made from silicone is what you want.

Swim fins represent the third and final component of your typical snorkel set.  The main thing to consider when shopping for a good pair of fins is fit and comfort.  To make sure you have fins that give you the best fit possible, you will need to try on many different pairs of fins before making a purchase decision.  And don’t forget that snorkel sets for kids and swim fins for kids are also available.  Snorkeling is truly a sport that the entire family can enjoy together.

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