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Sports Sunglasses – Know What to Wear on Your Activity

When a person plays sports, it is imperative that he or she wears sports sunglasses for protection. Wearing one will ensure that your eyes will be protected from physical injury and ultraviolet ray damage, particularly if the sport you are playing is an outdoor sport.

For every sport that you are playing, there is a certain kind of sunglasses especially made for that sport. These types of sunglasses are listed hereunder.
· Sunglasses for Extreme Sports – if you are an active extreme sports player, what you need are sunglasses that will hug your whole face. Due to the nature and intense environment of the sport, it is essential that your sunglasses are durable, effective and strong. It also needs to have frames and lenses that will be able to withstand strong impacts. Examples of these extreme sports are dirt bike racing, motocross, snowboarding, skiing and skateboarding. Some of the favorite choices for extreme sports sunglasses are Julbos and Black Fly, which are made of polycarbonate lenses and are UV resistant.

· Golfer’s Sunglasses – golfing is a popular activity and anyone who plays golf knows how the sun can affect one’s game. A bright sun can cause a player to mess up his game, since his eyesight is important throughout the game. If you are a golfer, what you need are sunglasses with yellow lens, for it reduces the brightness of the sun and allow you to see better in the green. Such glasses will make the terrain and course more visible. It would be better if the sunglasses have a high nanometer rating, since it means it is more effective in blocking UV light. Some of the popular sports eyewear manufacturers are Adidas, Bolle and Nike.

· Cycling Sunglasses – for cyclists, the best type of sunglasses are those made to endure the wind and speed. They should also be light and capable of blocking the sun. Furthermore, cycling sunglasses should hug the cyclist’s face to block off the wind and dirt particles. The main qualities of this kind of sunglass are durable, strong and impact-resistant. Polarized sunglasses are one of the best choices for cycling. Anarchy is a popular brand that makes sunglasses for cyclists all over the world.
When buying sports sunglasses, you need to take into consideration the sport you play, if the glasses fit you well, if it is of good quality and how well it can protect you from UV light. Once the sunglasses pass your standards, the next thing you have to do is check the brand and see if it is a household name. If yes, then you should buy it. Just remember that whenever you choose sports sunglasses, know if it is effective in the sport you are playing.

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