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Take A Part Time Job Designing Car Window Stickers

If you love art, then it is best that you pursue a career in it in order for you to enjoy future work in pursuits that interest you. You can therefore take an idea and turn that idea into something fruitful, like a work of art in the form of a building or at the side walks where ordinary day to day people can see and appreciate it. One of the courses that support building design is Bachelors in Architecture, wherein you are able to learn how to create an idea and turn that idea into a physical form of art. You also learn design as well as other aspects of art in the course.

One of the best schools that offer this course is Pratt Institute whose main campus is located at Brooklyn, New York. Other campuses are located in Utica and Manhattan, and have a branch campus in Delaware Institute. The Pratt Institute was created over a hundred years ago by oil tycoon Charles Pratt and was continued by his son, Frederick Pratt. To date, the Pratt Institute is offering a five year course in architecture, where students will learn how to create, design, incorporate technology and social responsibility, as well as represent and build that original concept.

To earn a degree in Pratt Institute, you need to shoulder their annual tuition fee of $30,000. If you think that this is too much for your parents to handle, then you can simply fund your own education by taking a part time job. One part time job offered in the market today wherein you can use your skills in art is in car advertising companies where they manufacture vehicle wraps and car window stickers. This job is quite easy to do, meaning that you can juggle work and school at one time without really having a hard time doing so.

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