The French Press Coffeemaker: How Does It Work?

Do you need a convenient and portable coffee maker? The best choice to have is a French press coffeemaker.

Part of its nomenclature is, what is well-known in New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia—a coffee plunger. Another is cafetière, known in the United Kingdom. In the United States of America, a French press coffeemaker is also called press pot or coffee press. But, in France, where this device was said to be invented in the 1800s, the French press coffeemaker is called сafetière à piston.

Do you know that a significant number of household still use the coffee French press? Coffee enthusiasts said that one reason is because it is so easy to use and easy to brew coffee. A French press coffeemaker has a glass decanter placed inside a plastic or metal case. On top of the container are metal and mesh strainer or filter and a plunger. Put scoops of ground coffee beans, depending on how strong the flavor of your coffee is, to the bottom of the decanter. Put the boiled water into the decanter, just enough to cover the ground coffee beans. Close the coffeemaker lid for one to two minutes to allow the seeping of ground coffee beans into the water. Then, press the plunger downward to separate the coffee beans from the brewed coffee. Press the plunger securely so that you may be guaranteed of refined coffee flavor. The coffee beans are trapped below the decanter while the freshly coffee liquid stays on top, ready to be pour into your mug.

Just simple reminders in using a French press coffeemaker: use coarsely ground coffee so don’t even think of tearing open your Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods to get at that coffee to use! You get the picture, don’t you? If the beans are too fine, the filter in the plunger will be useless. You will end up drinking coffee with bits of solid beans in it. Another is, pour in boiling water, not just hot water. This way, you’ll be able to let the beans seep into the water quickly, preserving the flavor of the coffee. In order to get a good quality of coffee drink, stirring the coffee beans and boiling water helps in the extraction process. Let them mix well and sit for a couple of minutes before you plunge in.
Those who still use French press coffeemaker nowadays claim that using this device allows them to experience good and satisfying coffee drink experience at a low cost. The most popular French press coffeemaker brand now in the market, the Bodum French Press, sell French press at only $20.

Easy to use, convenient, portable, and cost-efficient—these are how a French press coffeemaker works in a person’s lifestyle, coffee-making routine, and pocket.

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