The Modern Wedding and Covering Expenses

After the wedding proposal has been accepted and the engagement announced, the next big thing to consider is how the wedding expenses are to be paid. From tradition, it has been practiced that the bride’s family be the one to shoulder the expenses of the wedding ceremony and of the reception as well. So for instance a dance floor rental bill will be covered by them. The groom and his family are left to pay for wedding rehearsal expenses of the previous day and other individual expenses that are part of the whole wedding ceremony. The more important costs to consider are those for the wedding rings, the marriage licenses, and the wedding give-a-ways. So if the couple is eying those nice cushion cut engagement rings, they will need to know that this is an expense they will pay.

Through the years, the method of paying the wedding expenses has evolved. In the modern wedding, the wedding expenses are now divided equally between the bride’s and the groom’s families. This may be as a show of equality between the marrying families. It can also be because of the growing trend of men and women marrying later in life when they have already graduated from college, built a career for themselves, and are now earning a steady income. Whether the reason is for practicality’s sake or otherwise, more and more couples are practicing the modern way of sharing the wedding expenses, each suited to their own taste and situation in life.

But because of the many things to be considered for a wedding, the couple usually overlooks the wedding tip. The wedding tip is given as a token of appreciation to the wedding service providers who have delivered their promised services and helped make the wedding proceed smoothly. However, some wedding service providers fail to deliver their promised service quality and dealing with such is another chapter in the wedding story. Most wedding service providers include the wedding tip in their bill and this constitutes part of the whole package to be paid for. But for some, such as the limousine driver or the pastor, the tip is not charged as part of the bill.

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