The Strict HCG Diet For Rapid Weight Loss

Many people wish to lose weight, but only a few survive and do so.  There are many people who are willing to lose weight, but only a few really do something about it.  For those who want to go on a diet, here is a not-so-new diet: the hCG diet.  Why isn’t it new?  This was discovered way back in the 1950’s but is resurfacing now.  The said diet makes use of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (or hCG) plus a strict hCG diet plan.  When hCG is coupled with the diet, the resulting weight loss is indeed fantastic and rapid!

When a person undergoes the hCG diet, there is an accompanying hCG diet plan that should be strictly followed.  The diet should be followed down to the letter because the success of the diet falls entirely on how well the person will follow the diet.  The hormone itself is said to curb a person’s appetite, but eating is turning out to be a habit.  There are times when people eat because of social activities, and not just because they are hungry.  So sticking with the diet is truly a must.  There is a protocol to follow when having this hormonal diet.

What are the things involved in the hCG diet?  The hCG diet plan consists of 3 major phases.  These phases help the body to transition into a fat-burning machine.  The first phase (called the loading phase) is a short stage where the dieter is supposed to load on food.  There are no limitations in this stage and the dieter may eat whatever he or she wants.  After that comes the maintenance stage, which involves the hCG injections or homeopathic hCG.  This may go on for a few weeks and then the stabilization phase takes place.  This is where the weight is maintained.

When a person undergoes the hCG diet, he or she should follow the hCG diet plan and protocol.  Weight loss is ensured by the strict adherence to the rules.  With the help of the hCG hormone and a low calorie diet plan, a person can achieve his or her desired weight in no time.  But before injecting anything into the body, it would be wise to ask the advice of a doctor.  Since it is the dieter’s prerogative to go on with the diet, it is his or her responsibility to know whatever he or she is going or joining into.

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