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The Wonders of the Kitchen Shaved Ice Maker

Throughout the year, people are always on the lookout for refreshments. Whether after working, or when finishing a good run, everybody needs to cool down. A kitchen shaved ice maker is a convenient, fun and virtually free way to turn the common ice cubes in the fridge into flavorful refreshments. This is because shaved ice can be easily mixed with different flavorings to create different treats. And the texture of shaved ice makes them smooth and easy on the mouth, just like snow.

The kitchen shaved ice maker works as follows ice is placed into the unit, and a motor with sharp blades grinds the ice into very fine shavings. The action is a little similar to how a snow cone maker works, except that the sizes of resulting particles are different. This is crucial, as the syrup and other flavorings will stick to the smaller surface of fine ice shavings, and not to the coarse ones from a snow cone maker. This distributes the flavor more evenly.

Once the ice is finely ground by the kitchen shaved ice maker, there are a few options available. One is to put them in cold salads. As compared to regular ice cubes, these will accommodate to the salads container, and do not get in the way or spill out when serving the salad. Another idea is to put them in a bucket to cool bottled drinks. The larger surface area of fine shavings will cool the drinks faster than regular ice cubes. Then one can always mix in some flavors to be served at parties, for both children and adults. Combine this with a small donut maker, and the party can really get going.

Virtually anything that can be served cold will benefit with shaved ice. And there are many models of the kitchen shaved ice maker being sold. An option is to buy an old fashioned, carnival show style ice maker, perfect for big groups. For kitchen use, more conventional models like refrigerator mounted or freestanding ice makers can be used. There are also funky or cartoony designs, for those bonding moments with the kids.

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