Top Three Dangers of Misinterpreting Introductory Interest Rates

When people get loans like auto loans for credit or something as simple as a $5000 loan, they look at interest and see how this can affect them and how much it’ll cost them in the end. We should do the same thing with credit cards so that we can avoid getting surprised when we see our statements after a few months of using it. People get excited when they hear about promos because they feel that it would allow them to save a lot. However, the opposite of that might happen if you will not take the time in knowing the terms of interest.

When you hear about promos for zero interest for the first months of the purchase, do not grab it immediately. Rather, check on how much the interest will be after their promotional period because these usually changes to something that is a lot higher. Better yet, take advantage of paying for it during the period of zero interest.

If you want to make a balance transfer because you feel that the interest on your current card is too high and you just got an offer for something that is a lot less, think twice because you might end up with something more expensive. Balance transfers with low interest is usually good for the first transaction and you might end up getting the same, if not higher interest rate than what you had before.

Lastly, promos for credit cards that has low introductory rates have to be inspected thoroughly as these rates aren’t permanent and may be a lot higher than other credit cards. Some people take on this kind of offer because they feel that the interest on the card is permanent and end up getting surprised after a few months.

Getting all pertinent information is the key in avoiding exorbitant interest rates in the end.

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