Weight Loss Tea and Drinks

Most of the chatter out there about losing weight and about diets is all focused on what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, et cetera!  Compared to the food aspect of weight loss, there is a dearth of information about drinks and beverages available to further, or at least not mess up, your weight loss. Many great options are available for you to try, including protein shakes and weight loss tea.

Protein shakes are my preferred way to start out the morning.  I make them the night before and grab it on my way out of the door in the morning.  I use a whey protein, a bit of cream or milk, water, and a touch of flavoring extract (I am currently on a banana kick!) and shake it up in one of those plastic shaker cups.  This encourages “eating” breakfast which is the most often missed meal, and is also a great balance of nutrients to start your day.  It is way better than drinking sugary fruit juices that can contain so many calories!

Another great thing to include on any diet is weight loss tea.  If you replace all of your normal drinks during the day (except your breakfast protein shake of course!) with either water or tea, you will be able to cut out tons of calories that either were preventing you from eating more food, or derailing your program.  Any type of tea works, but I am partial to the California Dieters Drink, it stimulates the bowels.  Even if you are currently drinking diet sodas, replacing that with water and tea will eliminate all of the chemicals that up your appetite.

When you are counting calories and trying your best to get in shape, paying attention to weight loss tips about food and exercise is not enough.  Sometimes the hidden culprit of our eating plans is drinking the wrong types of beverages!

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