Why We Need Money

The barter system was used to get goods for goods. One would go to the market with their loaf of bread and trade it for a dozen eggs. As you can see, this is quite tedious. It would be easier to carry money or coins in your pocket instead of a truckload of eggs. This is how the idea of money came about and eventually developed into the best forex trading system we have ever seen.

Money is not the actual production of something. It is an idea that is supported by confidence. In a society, there is an agreement of how much things cost. You pay that amount and you can have the item. The countries of the world all have their own currencies. If I travel to Japan from the United States and want to buy something there, I have to trade my dollars for yens. That is the only way I would be able to buy anything. It is very inconvenient to take a tanker full of milk to Japan. It is much easier to just carry the money in your pocket. It is a lot more practical.

As you can see, there is a need to have money so that one can be able to buy the goods and services one needs or wants. It is very impractical to haul around 25 loaves of bread or 25 chickens to the grocery store. It is much easier to take your money in and buy what you need.

Of course, unethical behavior also exists where money is concerned. The money markets are manipulated to devalue currencies and forex trading tips in balance of the manipulators. The purpose of this is to make money from it or to collapse an economy. History has shown that a handful of people are capable of paralyzing nations because of this power. The regulation of bankers is needed in order to product the economies of nations.

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