Winter Weddings – How to Choose Centerpieces?

There are cases, wherein, weddings are not held during the summer season, or the fall season, or even spring. Sometimes, the snowy white background, the snow fall, and the cold wind breeze, present a very perfect situation for getting married. Two hot and passionate souls that are full of love for one another are united during the cold wind breeze, and the snow fall of winter. Contrasting as it may seem, but, opposites do attract. However, since it is the winter season, some conventional and traditional wedding centerpieces are quite hard to come by. Most flowers are not in season, which makes them expensive, and other things will more likely cost more as well.

But, with these ideas, one can pull of a winter wedding, and choose very magnificent and spectacular winter centerpieces for weddings.

  • Instead of using other conventional centerpieces, why not try miniature statues? Since it is winter, go for miniature statues of St. Nick, Santas, dwarves and others that are in line with the season. Add a few twinkling lights, some shiny bow’s, and this will surely impress anyone.
  • Since winter is all about the color white, go for flower arrangements that are themed and centered on the color white. However, choices are not limited only there. One can also choose to go for red, green, forest green and deep burgundy floral arrangements and colors.
  • Miniature trees, plastic or real, can also be used as wedding centerpieces. Decorate it just like a real Christmas tree.
  • Snowflakes also make good centerpieces, and for those who have a talent with arts and crafts, or know a thing or two about it. Gingerbread houses are also very good centerpieces on their own. A little decoration, such as a ribbon, a tie, or a bow, and some painting, as well as a quote or lettering on the front door, and things are good to go.

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