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1080p resolution 60 inch hdtv – should I buy one?

If you’re up to buy a new hdtv, a 60 inch led tv may be the best choice in my opinion. I tell you this not only because I have one in my bedroom, but because they are an excellent video resource with rare quality I never seen before on my old television.

Not let’s talk about resolution and video. 3d and 1080 resolution are the best things that ever happen to me since I’m alive. Not only watching 3d movies on my new 60 inch led is extraordinary, but with 1080p resolution you feel like crazy.

The sound has to be very good too, because excellent video without sound is not good enough for me. Altough I have a pair of good speakers on my hand, I have to say the speakers that come with the most new 60 inch televisions are not good enough to satisfy me. I know the tv is to thin to support good speakers, but they could find a solution if they wanted more customers.

Another thing that I don’t like about the new televisions is setup. I spend to much time with setup when I buy a new television because I just can’t get it work. Just because I’m no savvy woman it doesn’t mean I have to call my neighbour all the time I have something I want to setup to my new television.

Enough with that, which are the places where you can buy a new television? Either you go online or offline, there are tons of models, with tons of prices and different colors to choose from. You won’t get bored making your search when buying a new television.

In the end I want to wish you a lot of luck because you need it. Not only that, but you should start your research now if you want to buy one for Christmas. You need a lot of time, even if you are savvy or not!

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