3DS Games That You Should Have

The Nintendo company has once again been causing people to talk. They are chitchatting about the great and new product that is set to be released to the public in the 27th day of March 2011. They say that this product would be the start of a whole new line of portable gaming consoles that are to transform the way people have been playing. You need not worry about poor quality visuals because with this portable gaming system, you would surely be amazed with the depth and good quality visuals it provides.

What is this product? It is the Nintendo 3DS, the portable gaming system that is said to allow the consumers to play games in 3D without the need of using 3D glasses. It is a lightweight device that is available in colors of black and aqua blue. It allows you to take 3D photos with the help of the two external cameras it has. One of the screens, the upper one to be exact, allows you to view and play your games in 3D. It has a touch screen, and some additions like a motion detector and an analog stick. These new and improved controls allow the gamer to have a better game play. It has a 3D slider that allows you to shift between a 2D view for those games from previous versions of Nintendo gaming consoles such as the Nintendo DS and 3D view for those soon to be released Nintendo 3DS games.

There are so many games for Nintendo 3DS that are available in the market. These games would truly put a smile on your face and leave you with a sense of satisfaction when you play with them. You could pick from puzzles, action even musical games. But there are games that you should have that would definitely make you happy and leave you feeling satisfied. Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil and the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time are three games that are at the top of the list of games that you should have in your game collection. These games provide you with good plots, great visual and sound effects and good response to controls..

From the huge number of games to choose from, it could be difficult to decide on what to pick and buy. This is the reason why you should try them out and see whether they suit your liking or not. If not, I suggest you to not buy it. You should buy games that are surely to give you what you want and not just what is available.

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