4 Points To Remember When You Buy Your Pre-Schooler His Children’s Bedroom Furniture

A growing child needs to replace his children bedroom furniture every few years. If you plan things well, it is possible to minimize the cost of replacing all this kid’s bedroom furniture. After all, these things are expensive despite their smaller sizes, just like with children’s clothing. Here are four rules of thumb to help you out (when your child becomes a pre-schooler).

First is to decide whether to pick a good looking kids bedroom set or go for sturdiness instead. Of course, if you have an unlimited budget, you could buy kids rooms furniture that is both sturdy and good looking. If you have only one child, choosing looks over sturdiness is fine. When it is time to replace the old furniture, you can trash it without feeling guilty. But if you have a second child, you probably ought to pick sturdiness over looks so that you can pass the furniture down.

Second is to pick the right size for each piece of furniture in your kid’s bedroom. To minimize the need of replacement, you want to pick the most over-sized wardrobe you can. As your child grows and accumulates his toys and other belongings, he will need the extra space. On the other hand, his bed should not be too over-sized. Try to pick a bed that will last him two or three years worth of growth. The way kids (especially boys) use their beds, the joints start getting shaky pretty fast. That’s why there is no point buying a kid’s bed that is too large.

Third, make sure any furniture you buy has rounded edges. Pre-schoolers are young and still fragile even though they heal fast. Because their bodies are growing fast, they tend to be clumsy. Because they also tend to be too energetic, they end up banging into their furniture a lot. Older kids may not need rounded edges on their bedroom furniture, but for pre-schoolers it is a matter of basic safety.

Fourth, remember to think long term. Buying a complete kid’s room set may be cheaper (because of the typical discounts) now, but will you still think it is cheap five years from now? Buying each piece separately means that you can choose just the right size of furniture and minimize the need to replace it. But if you buy one whole package now, you will likely also have to buy one whole bedroom furniture package to replace it in the future. Is this still worth it?

Buying children their bedroom furniture is not cheap. If you have a limited budget, you really need to have a plan to reduce the cost of replacing it every year.

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