Cumaru and Other Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors or wood plank flooring were quite popular back in the 20th century. They were considered to be some of the most practical types of home flooring solutions in the world. At the turn of the century however, their popularity began to fade with the advent of newer flooring systems using synthetic materials which were not only cheaper to produce but which were also fire-resistant and waterproof upon manufacture. In recent times, however, the once-humble wood plank flooring solution has been enjoying a comeback and it seems that it is here to stay. Wood plank flooring is considered a luxury type of flooring solution nowadays due to the steep prices of authentic hardwood flooring installations as well as the fact that wood plank flooring is still considered to be one of the most beautiful types of home flooring systems available in the world. The beauty of hardwood floors lies in the natural whorls and knots that remain on the wooden planks from the trees from which they were cut. This is especially true for exotic types of hardwood such as tigerwood and Brazilian teak floors.

Brazilian teak is especially noteworthy as an exotic hardwood building material because it has many properties that make it unique even among hardwood floors. While its natural patterns are not immediately striking, it is in its functional characteristics that Brazilian teak shines best. The teak is native to South America as well as in some places in Southeast Asia such as the Philippines. Due to the hardy environment in which the tree has evolved to grow in, it is naturally resistant to wood-boring pests and even has an oily coating that makes it waterproof to a certain degree. It is also very hard and outperforms many varieties of oak on the Janka scale, which is used to test the strength rating of all types of hardwood.

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