Eco Friendly Homes Can Benefit the Environment

If you want to reduce the impact you are having on the environment then there are a few things you can do around your home that will help. Eco friendly homes use many different ways to prevent having a negative effect on the planet. There are some simple ways that you can adopt to help reduce your environmental impact so you can live a green lifestyle and reduce your expenses as well.

Eco friendly homes are big on reducing energy use, water consumption and waste. You can make an effort to live a greener lifestyle by implementing some of these ideas in your home.

Weatherproofing your house involves making sure doors and windows are well sealed to prevent heat escaping during the colder months. When your warm air escapes, you have to use more energy, which means more dollars, to heat your home. Insulation can also help you with reducing your heating costs by preventing your warm air from escaping. Something as easy as turning down the temperature on your thermostat can significantly reduce your energy use.

Reducing your water usage will provide you with some of the benefits of eco friendly homes. Low flow shower heads and half flush toilet buttons reduce the amount of water you use every day. You can take shorter showers and use the eco settings on dishwashers and washing machines. Use rain barrels or even buckets to harvest rainwater and recycle it for use on your gardens. Set up a diverter to funnel rainwater from the roof into your pool. Reducing the amount of water you use will save you money and is better for the planet.

Eco friendly homes use alternative energy sources to reduce energy use and save money. You don’t need to install a full solar system to get the benefits of solar power. You can still make use of this free energy by using solar deck lights for your outdoor lighting. You can also change your incandescent light bulbs for more energy efficient CFLs or LED bulbs. They are better for the environment and last even longer. Turning off the lights when you leave a room and turning off appliances at the power point will provide you with even more energy savings.

You can adopt these methods that eco friendly homes use to reduce your impact on the earth’s resources, saving energy and saving you money. These few simple changes will have little impact on your lifestyle, but will be better for our planet.

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