The five traditional kitchen layouts

When designing or redesigning your kitchen it is best to follow one of the five traditional layouts for your kitchen. All five incorporate the kitchen work triangle in different ways. Some are more suited to a smaller or larger kitchen, but they all seek to maximize workflow and efficiency. Below we will examine each of these in turn.

The L Shaped Kitchen

L Shaped kitchens are aptly named. They are shaped like an L. You typically have two appliances along the long leg of the L and one appliance along the short leg. These style of kitchen are typically open up into an adjacent dining room or den with a bar area along the small leg. This open design prevents the kitchen from being claustrophobic.

The U Shaped Kitchen

You might notice a trend here. All the designs named after letters are shaped like said letter. The U Design is in the shape of a U. It has three connected countertops with an appliance installed in each. If you have a large space to work with these individual segments can be made into separate workstations to accommodate multiple cooks. Granite tile countertops look great with this style of kitchen.

The G Shaped Kitchen

The third and final “letter” layout. The G Design is, of course, shaped like a G. It is very similar to the U Shape but has a peninsular counter extending off the leg forming the tail of the G. This design sacrifices the open feel of the kitchen for more counter space.

Straight Line or Straight Wall Kitchens

Just like it sounds this design incorporates all the major appliances along one wall. This is a design seen in smaller kitchens with limited space. Planning how you will store you kitchen items is very important as counter space is at a premium. Custom stainless steel countertops lend this type of kitchen a sleek modern look.

Galley or Corridor Kitchens

Just like a ship. This kitchen is designed around a single corridor and two counters. Two appliances occupy one wall and the sink/washing station occupies the other.

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